Geoscience in Space!

We’re having a snow day here in the Midwest so I’m dissertating and emailing from my kitchen table, while watching a bunch of NASA scientists land InSight on the surface of Mars. It’s an incredible achievement, and there are few things I love more than watching scientists celebrate an accomplishment. The dancing, the hugs, the misty eyes, and congratulatory ‘good jobs’… so many high fives! And the looks of relief–all that hard work has paid off.  

Now to wait for the literal dust to settle and check on the condition of the just-landed InSight (it looks good so far!).  

InSight’s First Picture! 
You’re looking at the Martian horizon through a dusty lens protector. The yellow brown (10YR 3/4?) area is the ground , and that milky blue above it is the Martian sky. The curved appearance of the ground is due to the lens, as are all the brown dots which are dust stirred up during the landing.

Here’s a link to the video, the press conference later today, and an Oatmeal comic about InSight. All pretty enjoyable. In space!

Yours in LadyGeoscience, 

Nasa Live
Press Conference at 5 pm (EST)
Matthew Inman Explains It Best

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