Welcome back and happy 2019!

On New Year’s Eve, I celebrated in true “old lady” fashion: hanging out at home, baking, cleaning, watching movies, and cuddling the dog. So, I think I can officially say I’m an old lady dog mom, and I’m not mad about it (I mean, look at this face!).

In another stroke of old lady behavior, I also reflected on the past year, as we approached the new one. At first, this struck me as odd because, technically, every day can be considered the eve of a new year, yet I only reflect on December 31. I’ve resolved that this reflection was good for me though, and that I’ll (hopefully) do it more often.

Other than that resolution, the main takeaway from my reflection was that I often remember my shortcomings, dissatisfactions, and failures ahead of those things that I did well, was satisfied with, and succeeded at doing. The more I thought about the direction my thoughts often go (yes, I thought about thinking), the more I realized that my acknowledgement of solely disappointing things is wildly unfair and unkind to myself.

Therefore, a message and a mindset for the new year: Be kind, to yourself and others. It costs nothing and can be completely life changing.

Hope you all are well and had a stellar holiday season!

Yours in Lady Geoscience,


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