Panel of the LadyGeos!

SeismicPrincess and I* have spent the last several weeks organizing a pretty exciting event. “Pioneering the New Normal: the Women Leading Today’s Geosocieties” will feature four women who currently or recently lead geoscience organizations. The panel will follow Robbie Gries‘ colloquium talk on navigating the #MeToo movement in the geosciences, and will address many aspects of the panel’s experiences in the geosciences–not just topics related to #MeToo.

You can join us via livestream, and if you have questions you’d like to ask the panel feel free to leave a comment on this post or email

We hope you’ll join us tomorrow, March 28th at 3 pm and/or 4:15 pm (CDT)!

Oh hey, look who one of our panelists is… Hi @mackenziecremeans!

*By SeismicPrincess and I, I mean almost entirely just @sarahlcmorton.

Yours in LadyGeoscience(and panels!),

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