Meet Lydia, BotLG Guest Author!

BotLG has a guest poster this week! Be sure to check back this week for posts by Lydia, geology colleague and friend of the blog by way @nmitche2!

In the mean time, you can read Lydia’s intro below.

Hi all! I am a current librarian and former geologist. I currently work at Brown University, I started in April, where I am the physical sciences librarian. I have two master’s degrees from Indiana University in Library Science and Information science.I received my BA from Oberlin College where I majored in Geology. Currently my academic interests lie in the intersections of indigenous knowledge and STEM, as well as the roles of libraries and librarians in the academic ecosystem. While I may not be a *geologist* anymore, I am really glad that I studied the geosciences, and that it has led me to a lot of really wonderful opportunities, that has inevitably led me to right now. I am excited to share these experiences as well as hopefully touch upon how to go about things when you are really unsure about what you want to do.

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