Delay of the LadyGeo

And things to check out while you’re waiting

Fun thing I discovered while in the field immediately after GSA: WordPress won’t let me upload photos from my phone. So this whole post was written last week but couldn’t be posted until just now 😦
I’m finally home though, so expect a bunch of catch-up posts in the coming weeks!

Ohgosh, friends. I, uh, really dropped the ball on daily GSA posts. In my defense, Day ii is written and just missing photos. And I will get everything posted. Probably next week. Because now I’m on a non-GSA field trip and can only post from my phone.

View from the backseat of the van I was riding in. You can see the front seats + passengers, a little bit of the blue sky, gold grass landscape out the windshield, and the other university vans ahead of us on the highway
Literally my view right now. Hanging out in the backseat, caravanning across the Plains.

But don’t despair! There’s still LadyGeo content to keep you amused. I’m about to post a bio for our next guest poster, and you can now check us out on Instagram and Twitter!

Follow @InstaOfTheLadyGeos for what quick look at what we’re up to.
Follow @LadyGeoThoughts on Twitter to see what we’re currently thinking about (or the podcasts we’re listening to on long drives, long lab runs, or just long runs in general).

Ok, gonna post our next guest contributor’s bio and then review for my poster talk at our first stop.

Yours in LadyGeoscience,


Landscape photo of the Great Plains somewhere between eastern KS and Grand Island, NE. A big sky photo: bright blue slightly clouded sky and the gold grass of the plains. View from the window while I was writing this post.
I complain a lot about the prairie, but it can be really, really beautiful.

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