New Academic Places

I am so excited to share that next week I leave for my first international conference. Earlier this year I submitted a paper to the International Conference on Engineering Geophysics (ICEG) and it was not only accepted, but I received the Best Student Paper Award for Oral Presentation. With that comes a travel grant, securing total funds for me to venture to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for 9+ days.

While this isn’t my first time traveling internationally, it will be my first time to this region of the world. I have done a fair share of back and forth to Europe, Australia, and East Asia, but the Arabian Pennisula? Not so much. I am fortunate that my advisor, supervisor, and a few other colleagues are all going, in fact my supervisor and I are booked on the same flights (but perhaps that is a blessing and a curse?).

The conference itself is in Al Ain, UAE, but we’ll be traveling in and out of Abu Dhabi. I am grateful the organizers have us booked to arrive in country several days ahead of the conference to adjust to the time difference.

But let’s be honest, I’ll be using those three days to finish my talk.

I’m really excited to go to this conference — upon starting my degree(s) here, my advisor told me that if there’s one conference I *have* to go to, it’s this one because of how well planned it is for attendees, and hopefully for the science too, right? I’ll do my best to share the adventure here and on our other social media accounts. Until then, we shall see how much of my powerpoint I finish ahead of time since I’m currently reprocessing all of my data because there is always room for improvement, right? #research

Stay tuned!

Yours in ladygeoscience,


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