To Tide You Over

November is the cruelest month (and yes, I know that’s callous). If you’re involved in any realm of academia, this is a fact you already know. November is the month you constantly drop the ball because you’re juggling so many items–at least one of them a chainsaw. Then suddenly it’s December, when all the things you were supposed to have done are due and you’re scrambling to figure out to make all the undone things of October and November happen in two weeks or less. Woof.

What I’m saying is, readers, that I know I owe you all sorts posts. Some of them are even mostly written! Alas, you won’t see them until this semester is over and maybe a week after that. To tide you over, here are some photos of my annual Thanksgiving dinner (14 mostly graduate students in a one bedroom apartment–it’s my favorite challenge of the entire year), and a link to the podcasts I’m listening to in hopes of finding the brain power to push through the next two weeks.

Six people talking at a white table clothed table in a small apartment, with two other smaller tables that have Thanksgiving desserts and wine bottles and candles on them.
Six of the fourteen guests (everyone else was in the kitchen or smoking on the porch), sitting around talking (and drinking) after dinner
Small red, yellow, and maroon flower arrangements (with some green herbs mixed in), some decorative fall gourds, two pears, two pomegranates, tall white candles, and two butternut squash on a white table cloth.
I never manage to get a picture of my tables all nicely set and centerpieced. But I usually manage a picture of all the centerpieces and candles huddled on the main table after everything else is cleaned up.

Yours in LadyGeoScience,

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