Teaching in the Time of the Corona Virus Pandemic

As many of us prepare to work from home and to move in-person classes online, there’s a lot to consider and think about (beyond whether or not 2 years worth of toilet paper will be enough). I came across this article this morning and recommend it for anyone facing course migration in the next week or so. It’s a perspective I hadn’t considered, but one that strikes me as quite important. It’s against our basic nature (for many/most of us) to not pour all of ourselves into work and to expect the best from ourselves, our colleagues, and students. But, this is definitely a time to consider our priorities, the longer term effects of our efforts, and the ways in which our priorities differ from the priorities of others.

Here’s the article, and I’d love to hear what people think!

There’s also this thread, of you’re a Twitter-type person:

I’ll likely be in my office through the pandemic, because it’s small numbers of people and I can avoid public transit to get here. Also because working from home means trying to keep a large snuggly cat off a laptop keyboard. Realistically, my work load won’t change since I don’t teach and the weather has my fieldwork vaguely grounded for another week or two. But maybe I’ll get a chance to finish up a couple posts that are half-finished and languishing in my drafts folder. Maybe I’ll even get to contacting some guest posters… a LadyGeo can only hope!

Stay safe, friends! Wash your hands, wipe down your keyboards and the arms of your 60 year-old desk chairs. Try to get enough sleep, and if you do get sick, STAY HOME (if at all possible).
Don’t let FOMW* make you Corona Carrie!

Yours in LadyGeoscience,

*Fear of missing work

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