Quarantine Coffee Break

Whether you’re used to working from home or not, the corona virus quarantine is something none of us were truly prepared for. If you’re like me, you might be starting to get a bit squirrelly without human interaction. Or without some new and different humans to interact with. So I’ve come up with a work around:

Virtual Coffee Breaks!

Here’s the plan: @geoarchandlush will be on TinyChat a couple times a week, drinking tea and chatting from her couch with whoever decides to show up. Drop in for 5 minutes or stay the whole 30, it’s up to you.

Here are some teaser photos. Dates, times, and TinyChat help are below.

Dates and Times

Wednesday, March 18th: 11-11:30 am CDT (UTC-5)
Thursday, March 19th: 5-6 pm CDT (UTC-5)
Virtual Wine and Whine! Have your favorite beverage on hand (alcoholic or otherwise) and come relax! Potential guest appearance by my cat yowling to be fed.
Friday, March 20th: 11-11:30 am CDT (UTC-5)

Probably more to follow… Depending on how this week goes, we’ll adjust times and frequency, etc.



TinyChat Help

  • This link might be helpful if you’re having trouble. Note that once your account is created, you’ll want to skip down to the end and follow the last line of instructions or use the direct link I provided above.
  • Seems to work best if you create an account. In beta tests, chatters had an easier time connecting if they created a TinyChat account (i.e., not logging in through Facebook or Twitter)
  • I’ve read reviews that say the TinyChat app isn’t great and it’s better to use the desktop version. If you have trouble with the app, try the desktop version if you can. And let us know you had trouble with the app!
  • Use chatroom password: LadyGeoBreak

Stay safe everyone, and I can’t wait to see you during the coffee breaks!

Yours in (Quarantined)LadyGeoscience,

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