Quarantine Coffee Break: Update

Thanks for joining me and helping ease the isolation today, friends!

TinyChat was a bit of a wash, so we’re trying something new. Apparently Zoom is useful for this sort of thing, and we don’t have to download an app to use it. So we’ll try that!

Here are the links for coffee break times and happy hour times. As before, drop in for a few minutes for the full time, it’s entirely up to you. Just don’t be totally alone unless you want to be!

Thursday, March 19th: Happy hour!

Time: 5-6 pm Central (UTC-5)
Link: https://kansas.zoom.us/j/614379936 (Meeting ID: 614-379-936)

Friday, March 20th: Coffee Break

Time: 11-11:30 Central (UTC-5)
Link: https://kansas.zoom.us/j/461654122 (Meeting ID: 461 654 122)

We’ll be doing this through next week, but these are a work in progress, so check here and Twitter for updates!

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