Corona Coffee Break Week 2!

Thank you so much for joining me last week for coffee breaks and happy hour. I really struggle without social interaction, and I’m already getting a little squirrelly. The cat is very communicative, but his topics of conversation are unfortunately limited.

I’ve adjusted the times and days for coffee break + happy hour a little bit this week, and will continue to adjust week to week. If you have times that do/don’t work for you, please comment below or send us an email at

We should have some new blog and instagram posts coming up, and if you’re not following out Twitter, you should!

Coffee Breaks

Tuesday, March 24th: 12- 12:30 pm Central (UTC+5)
Meeting ID: 461-654-122

Thursday, March 26th 12-12:30 pm Central (UTC+5)
Meeting ID: 461-654-122


Happy Hour

Friday, March 27th: 5-7(ish) pm Central (UTC+5)
Meeting ID: 614-379-936


Image of part of my living room, where I'll be broadcasting from later this week. 
Two very orange, velvet vintage chairs with a brass lamp and a big tropical plant in between. Pictures and decor on the wall behind.
If the weather is nice, I’ll be on my front porch. If it’s not, here’s where I’ll be broadcasting from.
And yes, these chairs are amazing. Please know they rock *and* swivel… *swoon*.

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