Coffee Break Schedule: Week 3!

Week 3 of working from home and hanging out with people virtually! How are we doing? Everybody settling into their routine, or still struggling to make it all work?

Personally, I found last week easier than the previous week and I’m hoping that trend continues. Though I’m mildly concerned I’ll get too used to being home and I won’t want to leave once we’re all allowed to. Just me?

Image of home work space with laptop, notes, snacks, drinks, and plant-filled living room in the background
Working from home: the view from my workspace while I wait my turn to record a little outreach talk with a ladygeo friend/colleague. Notes laid out, drinks and snacks handy!

Quick update on coffee breaks this week:

Last week’s days and times seem to work well for people, so we’re going to stick with them! Only one exception: no coffee break on Tuesday, March 31st. Yours truly got into a super neat program for science communicators, and will be in workshops all day Tuesday and Wednesday. But I’ll be back on Thursday and Friday for regularly scheduled hang out time! And I’ll (hopefully) have a bunch of fun stories.

So here is the schedule for this week. I’m super looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday and Friday! Hang in there, everyone!

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Coffee Breaks

Thursday, April 2nd 12-12:30 pm Central (UTC+5)
Meeting ID: 461-654-122


Happy Hour

Friday, April 3rd: 5-7(ish) pm Central (UTC+5)
Meeting ID: 614-379-936


See you on Thursday!

Yours in Quarantined LadyGeoscience,


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