1. Aftershocks

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Nicollette Mitchell looks into the distance. Her curls frame her bespectacled face.
”September [2019] feels like almost a lifetime ago, but it was a pivotal turning point for me. ”
A seismic shift - Nicollette Mitchell

I haven’t written a blog post in months. The last time I tried was weekly blog posts for blog-tober but they got derailed when I went on vacation and I never jumped back on the bandwagon. I am still here. Still learning and growing. Heres the quickest life update which requires a backtrack to September 2019:

September feels like almost a lifetime ago, but it was a pivotal turning point for me. I fell out of the daily timed digital writing practice that I had been working to cultivate but returned to writing in a bound journal. I had begun to explore the Metroparks in Lorain county, Ohio and would stop for a few minutes during each hike to write down how I was feeling. Cascade Park -Tired. Schoepfle Gardens -Overwhelmed. Bridgeway – Directionless. Days Dam- Hopeful. Open.

A Selfie at Days Dam. I loved hiking to the water in September 2019 and did so often.

One topic that kept rising to the surface for me during my walks/ journaling was a feeling that I was on the path to a major life shift. I was feeling was feeling stuck (in my career mostly) — as if I were just going through the motions. At the end of the month, I found out that I was pregnant with my first child. And then COVID hit.

I was so right about that life change. The last year and change has been a seismic shift for me.

Greetings from the end of fourth trimester.

Consistency is hard when the world is upside down.

I tried my best to get some content written for the blogs before the baby got here but he came early and the whole new mommy thing is quite time-consuming. I also started a new job and moved to a whole new state during a global pandemic. I’ll do my best to post some what I had written now that I have time to write.

Yours, in geocience

No Longer Pushing Those Particular Rocks Uphill.

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