About Us

Welcome to Blog of the LadyGeoscientists!

This is a blog by five young, female geoscientists at various points of their early careers. We hope this blog will provide a more personal look at the lives, interests, and struggles of women like ourselves: young, complex, female geoscientists.

The purpose of this blog is to increase visibility of the lives of young, female geoscientists with complex identities. We hope our posts will provide moral support for other women geoscientists (hi friends!) and a peek inside for those outside the sciences overall. You can expect posts about the research we’re doing or reading about, as well posts more tailored to our personal backgrounds, interests, triumphs and struggles. Along the way, we’ll also have guests posts by our other friends in the geosciences, women like doing cool things in cool places—even if they’re just sitting at their desks.

So: are you a ladygeoscientist feeling excited, frustrated, elated, alone, or just overall looking for some company? Us, too! Come hang out with us! Are you anyone other than a ladygeoscientist, but want to know a bit more about what our lives are like? Come hang out with us!