BotLG’s First Guest Author!

Meet Lauren, archaeology colleague and friend of the blog! Here's Lauren, in her own words: I am an anthropological archaeologist and part-time biological anthropologist, moonlighting on this geoscience block. I knew as a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist, so studied anthropology at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada. Although I had no idea … Continue reading BotLG’s First Guest Author!

Week(s) of a LadyGeo

The life of a LadyGeo is, in a word, busy. There's research, work, teaching or fellowship obligations, research-related writing, classes, grant writing, conferences, professional organizations or other profession-related committees and activities--which you'll need when job searching. We could measure readings, meetings, and emails in hours-days-years. So. many. emails... There's not much room for things to … Continue reading Week(s) of a LadyGeo