Panel of the LadyGeos!

SeismicPrincess and I* have spent the last several weeks organizing a pretty exciting event. "Pioneering the New Normal: the Women Leading Today's Geosocieties" will feature four women who currently or recently lead geoscience organizations. The panel will follow Robbie Gries' colloquium talk on navigating the #MeToo movement in the geosciences, and will address many aspects … Continue reading Panel of the LadyGeos!

It’s International Women’s Day!

International Women's Day is about struggle. It honors those who fought and literally died for the rights of women--all women--and the opportunities we have long been denied. International Women's Day invites us to think about how we can continue fighting for greater parity, in the geosciences and otherwise. How are you commemorating International Women's Day? … Continue reading It’s International Women’s Day!

BotLG’s First Guest Author!

Meet Lauren, archaeology colleague and friend of the blog! Here's Lauren, in her own words: I am an anthropological archaeologist and part-time biological anthropologist, moonlighting on this geoscience block. I knew as a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist, so studied anthropology at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada. Although I had no idea … Continue reading BotLG’s First Guest Author!

Week(s) of a LadyGeo

The life of a LadyGeo is, in a word, busy. There's research, work, teaching or fellowship obligations, research-related writing, classes, grant writing, conferences, professional organizations or other profession-related committees and activities--which you'll need when job searching. We could measure readings, meetings, and emails in hours-days-years. So. many. emails... There's not much room for things to … Continue reading Week(s) of a LadyGeo