New Guest Post!

Friends, I am super excited to announce that we will have a new guest poster next week. Our guest this coming week is Anna Wieser: geoarchaeologist, software tester, and PhD buddy extraordinaire!

I’m particularly excited to have Anna write with us because she has been behind-the-scenes of the blog from the very beginning. Most of what I post has already been proof read/looked over by Anna, and the ideas have been tested out in our constantly open GoogleHangouts chat. Same goes for just about anything substantial that I write. Anna also hung out at the original Wine and Whine in my favorite dark little bar in Lawrence, made my first several ridiculous Thanksgiving dinner extravaganzas possible, and listens to me talk about rugs I might buy for weeks before I actually buy them (or don’t).

When I say everything is a little easier once you find your people, I mean find your Anna.
Please join me in welcoming fellow LadyGeo and waterperson, Anna Wieser!

Anna’s bio will be up on Friday, and look for her guest post on Monday!

One of my favorite pictures of Anna and I: salty, sandy, and exhilarated after playing in the winter ocean.
Sandy Beach, Rincón, Puerto Rico, that Christmas she spent with my batty family in Puerto Rico

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