BotLG’s First Guest Author!

Meet Lauren, archaeology colleague and friend of the blog!

Here’s Lauren, in her own words:

I am an anthropological archaeologist and part-time biological anthropologist, moonlighting on this geoscience block. I knew as a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist, so studied anthropology at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada. Although I had no idea that I wanted to do a graduate degree, after a year of museum contracts, barista work, and driving horse-drawn carriages, I relocated across the country to the University of Toronto, where I started my graduate work in the Arctic. Following a series of fortunate circumstances late in my PhD, I ended up moving to Kansas to work as a postdoctoral researcher on a grant from NSF. Three years later, my project (and more importantly, my visa) is ending, with relocation back to Canada imminent.

Lauren attended Wine and Whine when Mackenzie and I used to host in our living rooms, and I am excited to have her write for us this week!

Check back this week to read Lauren’s posts!

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